For Those Coming to Church in Coronavirus Times


We greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! We are delighted to welcome you back to the Cathedral, as we once more join together in worshipping our God.

Here are some notes on what to expect, in these new coronavirus circumstances. Like you, we are feeling our way forwards, but always with your safety and ours uppermost in our minds.

Please arrive in good time for the service. We ask people to allow space between household groups as you come through the South Porch, and to queue, distanced, outside if need be.

You will be invited to use hand sanitiser as you enter.

A Verger will then direct you to your seat, where you will find the appropriate service book or leaflet. Seating is arranged so that every household is socially distanced.

Though we may know you well, please fill in name and contact details on the sheet provided in the pew, in case of Test Trace and Protect needs. A separate sheet gives GDPR information, and explains that we do need a separate signature every time you receive Communion here.

There will be no congregational singing, in line with Welsh Government guidelines, though at our 11.15am service, we plan to have musical accompaniment.

The altar will be set up observing hygiene protocols, and the presiding Priest will use hand sanitiser throughout the service. The bread, the wafers, will be covered during the Eucharistic prayer. The Priest will use hand sanitiser and wear a visor or mask to offer Holy Communion.

Holy Communion will only be offered ‘in one kind’ – the bread alone. Anglicans understand that we receive the fulness of the Body and Blood of Christ, whether we are able to receive the bread, or the wine, or both. The Priest will receive both bread and wine, declaring that they are ‘given for us’, and then the wafers will be offered to the congregation in silence.

Please follow the Verger’s directions to come forward to receive Communion, in a socially distanced line. You are asked to sanitise your hands, before you receive. The Priest will drop the wafer into your hands. If, by chance, you touch, both should immediately sanitise again.

At the end of the service, please leave as the Verger directs. Please leave the service booklet and contact information in the pew. They will be collected and quarantined for 72 hours.

We are sorry that we cannot currently offer refreshments after the service. If you wish to greet people, please do so – at a safe distance – outside, as it is safer in open air.

No collection will be taken during the service. Please make your offering by putting cash, cheque or envelope into the donations box by the door, or use the contactless giving point.

Thank you for your support, after so many months of no income from services, visitor donations and support through the shops. It makes a huge difference to us!