The Treasury

The Cathedral Treasury opened in Spring 2006 to provide a safe home for treasures which tell the story of Christian worship and scholarship at St Davids that began 1,500 years ago and which continues to the present day.

The three categories assigned to the 'treasures' housed here are Treasures of the Bishops, Treasures of Worship, and Treasures of Scholarship. The bishops treasures include a variety of objects, reflecting the power and status of the Bishops of St Davids, which were discovered in the Cathedral graves of four early Bishops. Treasures of Worship include a small silver chalice made in 1618 of the sort of simple design popular in the Elizabethan period, and a silver plate for a communion set made in 1678 - on the rim of which is inscribed Ecclesis Cathedralis Menevensis. The Library contains some truly remarkable treasures of Scholarship. Some of these are on show in the Treasury and you can see many more if you visit the Library where the oldest book dates back to 1505.