Pilgrimage to St Davids

St Davids Cathedral is a popular centre for pilgrimage. During the medieval period pilgrims would have travelled to St Davids for many reasons: to pray to the saint for help with life’s difficulties, for themselves or their families, or to pray for loved ones who had died. In 1123, St Davids was granted a privilege from Pope Callixtus II in Rome, who declared that two pilgrimages to the Cathedral were equal to one journey to Rome. The landscape around St Davids was sacred to pilgrims. The cathedral contained the shrines of St David and St Caradog, as well as other relics, and there were chapels dedicated to St Justinian, St Non and St Patrick within two miles.

Pilgrimage today

Today there is a rising interest in the idea of journeying and pilgrimage for many different reasons.  Not only will people venture on a pilgrimage as a response to faith but also to enable them to gain perspective on some issue or stage in their lives, for the benefits of health and wellbeing or to find a greater connection with creation. 


Virtual Pilgrimage

Feel you can't come on pilgrimage at the moment? Then join us for a virtual pilgrimage. View our trailer by clicking here. Contact us to make a booking for your group so that your virtual pilgrimage can be led live either as a retreat day/morning or short session.


Find a Pilgrimage route

There are many pilgrimage routes to St Davids Cathedral which you can take for yourselves or contact us to book a fully guided pilgrimage.  Browse our options below or contact education@stadavidscathedral.org.uk 01437 729151 to discuss options:

A Pilgrimage Within – a booklet for you to use to guide you on a reflective walk around the cathedral.

Friday Pilgrimage – a short guided pilgrimage of 1 ½ miles available during the holiday season and on request. If you would like to walk this yourself click or tap here.

One Day Pilgrimages – 5- 9 mile walks which use mostly footpaths. These can be guided pilgrimages for small groups. 

  • Solva to St Davids (6 miles) If you would like to walk this yourself click or tap here.
  • Whitchurch to St Davids (7 miles) If you would like to walk this yourself click or tap here.
  • Whitchurch to St Davids via Porthclais (9 miles) If you would like to walk this yourself click or tap here.
  • Abereiddy to St Davids (7 miles) If you would like to walk this yourself click or tap here.

Also available on The British Pilgrimage Trust Website

One Day Cycling Pilgrimages - Try this 18 mile circular cycle route exploring some of the sacred sites around Dewisland, an ancient boundary linked to the Cathedral. Follow the 'A Grand Day Out' route guide to make the most of your ride.

Journeying to the Watery Edges – A guided pilgrimage by minibus to Porthclais, St Justinians and Whitesands Beach and the final destination of the St Davids Cathedral.  Suitable for those who cannot walk distances. The journey includes the themes of Baptism, Storms of Life and Inspiration from Water with readings, poems and Celtic prayers. You can add options of a tour of parts of the cathedral, afternoon tea and attending Choral Evensong to the end of this pilgrimage. 

Reflections around The Close (½ mile) – This guided pilgrimage is suitable for those cannot walk any great distance.  The journey takes a route along The Cathedral Close to the River Alun and back to reflect on stories associated with the cathedral and our lives.

Way of St David (100km) in the style of the Santiago Camino’s last 100km pilgrimage except this pilgrimage destination is St Davids Cathedral where you will receive a ‘Ffordd Dewi Sant’ certificate to show you have completed the ‘Way of St David.’ The Christian guided walking holiday company ‘Journeying’ leads this pilgrimage to St Davids Cathedral.  For more information on Way of St Davids 2021 journeys
You can read more about The Way of St David in the article Undiscovered Wales 

Cathedral Labyrinth
Ask us about using the cathedral labyrinth to experience this ancient practice of reflective journeying within the cathedral. Usually open during the holiday season but you can make group bookings too. 

Saints and Stones Trails. Locate more trails and pilgrimages in and around Pembrokeshire from the following website http://saintsandstones.co.uk/