Pilgrims and Visitors

Pilgrims and visitors are most welcome in the Cathedral whenever we are open for general visiting.

We do our best to give notice (usually about a week in advance) when the Cathedral is closed for additional services (such as weddings or funerals) or private functions. We do strongly recommend that if you are planning a special journey to come to the Cathedral whether simply to visit, or mark an occasion which is significant to you - such as the start/end of a pilgrimage, an anniversary or similar - you contact us beforehand to check if there are any visiting restrictions for that day.  You can book a disabled parking space in advance if that would ease your visit.  We can also try to arrange for a chaplain to mark a moment of importance for you by saying prayers with you. 

Pilgrims are recommended to have a look at the page on this website specifically for Pilgrimage.  You might like to contact our Pilgrimage Officer to discuss what support you would like to start, end or use the Cathedral as part of your pilgrimage.


We run occasional tours throughout the year. The current schedule is given below.  You can book and pay in advance on Eventbrite, or take a chance and come on the day (first come, first served), paying at the Welcome Desk.

Tuesday 2nd July 2024, 2pm (£10 per person): Tour of Rarely Seen Parts of the Cathedral, with Mari James, Library Development Officer.  More details and booking on:




If you would like a bespoke tour, please email  We do need at least two weeks' notice to arrange a tour.